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About Erich Grillitsch

I was born on a farm in the Styrian "Zirbenland". After an apprenticeship as a machine fitter, I attended the Higher Technical Institute for mechanical engineering in Kapfenberg on a part-time degree program. At the age of 23, I was an independent entrepreneur. I always wanted to build up an international company. In 2019, I completed a part-time Bachelor's degree at CAMPUS02 for International Marketing & Sales Management in Graz. I am currently studying part-time for my Master's degree (3rd semester) in Sales Management at CAMPUS02. Since 2018 I have been intensively involved in brand development, brand building, and scalable sales systems. I came to the topic of stress through a family issue (see editorial contributions - BLOG STRESS-FREE). Since then I have dedicated myself to work on the topic stress. In doing so I had to realize with fright: The topic stress burns in our society! According to the European Commission, STRESS is the second most common cause of health problems. The economic damage caused by mental health problems is estimated at 7 billion Euros per year in Austria and 44.4 billion Euros per year in Germany (cf. IWS). Based on this problem and my experience with stress, the digital support structure BIOHACKER.TEAM was invented for business development. My vision is to realize people's dreams of a happy and meaningful life. I follow a holistic approach. The blog STRESS-FREE connects experts and seekers on the topics of stress management and work-life balance. Experts have the opportunity to present themselves with a guest blog post on a specific topic. I offer professional support and generate coverage on social media and on the web to get into the perception of the customers. Furthermore, business people can build up a leveraged income. Win-Win! "There is nothing good unless you do it" (Erich Kästner). More about me can be found on LinkedIn -

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