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The BLOG STRESSFREI connects experts and seekers on the topics of stress management and work-life balance. With this we are working on the second biggest cause of health problems – that is stress. More information can be found here. Furthermore, experts present themselves on their specialty in the blog.

Direct sales with support structure

With BIOHACKER.TEAM . In direct sales, we are in search of people who are looking Environmental changes [...]

Are you stress-free?

Importance and relevance . STRESS-FREE arose from the second largest cause of health issues in the European [...]

Side job from home, new working worlds

Check it out and contact uns for your side job from home . You can request a free information [...]

Biohacking, what is it?!

Biohacking for optimal self-performance On all levels and dimensions. Levels: Environment, change, stress management versus stress-free and human. Dimensions: [...]

Leveraged income for everyone!

How a leveraged income is built up and the 4 essential characteristics . Leveraged income for understanding [...]

Stress and its effects on people

We will deal with stress with STRESS-FREE According to the European Commission, stress and its effects on people are [...]

Work-life balance, arrangement work and private life

Work-Life-Balance, as it not should be "There are people who do not live but are lived" Karl May. Is [...]

Job – causes of dissatisfaction

According to a Gallup study, the causes of job dissatisfaction are 90% of workers The mood in the company [...]

Stress an “invention”?

Stress has been a buzzword since the 1970s A catchphrase since the 1970s and in the meantime perhaps one [...]

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