Work-Life-Balance, as it not should be

“There are people who do not live but are lived” Karl May.

Is a work-life balance compatible in professional and private life? We take a look at it.

Employees in the IT industry suffer from burnout complaints such as fatigue, stomach problems and sleep disorders much more frequently than in other industries. The permanent time pressure with the increasing demands in the job provide for overflowing working hours. The work-life balance would be the key to long-term professional and private success, in the sense of a fulfilled life. It is the practical experience between work and private life.

More and more career-conscious and apparently successful people are getting out of balance. Possible causes for an imbalance are often multiple strain, perfectionism, error (a wrong assessment of reality) or an escape into addiction. The resulting breakdown can be seen in crises of meaning, burnout and health problems. These consequences are often accepted as a stroke of fate. The collapse is however only a consequence, which was gone by robbery at the own spirit and body.

Are you already alive or are you just working?

Of course, I didn’t ask myself this question when I was in the middle of my independence at that time and still believed that I could “tear the world apart”.

What struck me at that time was that I saw my family very rarely and almost needed a picture of me so that my growing child could still recognize his father. The question is, of course, a long runner. In the middle of life, you take on several roles. Profession paired with family, relationship, friends, hobbies and the vacation may not come naturally also to short. Accompanied by expectations and open plans, wishes and goals (see in addition in the earlier Blog: A survival in the job/the goal).

Always applies: Professional success at any price, even one would like to climb the career ladder. It is very often forgotten whether it is not the circumstances and the countless threads that hold you hostage like a puppet. Farewell to the work-life balance. From all sides there are demands and expectations with countless open solutions. People are therefore less and less able to cope with their lives. The issue of work-life balance gained in importance due to the growing pressure in the economy on employees and entrepreneurs. With too much work, the situation is hardly manageable. With too little or no work, the situation can hardly be survived from an economic point of view.

Tension fields between occupation and private life.Where is the work-life balance?

This involves finding the right balance between paid professional and private life.

Health should not come to #short. It should be noted that one’s own resources are limited, as with a rechargeable battery. At work it is often important to be able to say NO if health does not allow it or family obligations cannot be postponed. The NO, of course, must be used sensibly. Meanwhile the awareness for health, mental and physical fitness has awakened. More and more people are planning fitness into their everyday lives. An old wisdom says: “Prevention is better than healing”. Most people also know how to eat healthily, but many don’t care. Food supplements are consumed as a substitute for a healthy diet.

As the name suggests, a dietary supplement is a supplement and not a substitute for a healthy diet. The same applies to fitness.

“Sport is murder” is sometimes claimed. This is surely to be agreed, if sport is pursued over the own efficiency. A good fitness causes a much faster regeneration of mental and physical efforts. This is especially true for frequent travelers. In the relationship a rethinking is announced. Because the coexistence of professional and private life is an essential key to success. A constant interaction that complements each other in a positive sense. Work-Life-Balance, in harmony between private and professional life, lived in the here and now.

How can I achieve the work-life balance that suits me best?

With the work-life balance, you ask yourself the following question: What drives me? Rick Warren has picked up the five most frequent “drivers” in his best-counter: The purpose driven Life:

– Guilt that cannot be overcome and repressed. The guilt lying in the past determines the future,

– Anger and bitterness, people who have been seriously hurt or disappointed. Holding on to them harms our self,

– Fear, are often the product of traumatic experiences (as well as see in addition in the earlier blog: A survival in the job/the fear),

– Material desires, the imprinting of our society on material goods of various kinds. The mistaken belief that more possessions should make you happier,

– The need for recognition, through a lack of self-esteem, is tried to please everyone.

According to Warren one should not sit on the life lie “professional success=life success”. The occupation should prepare joy in any case. Effectiveness takes precedence over efficiency. Design your activities for your health in such a way that they are fun for you, strengthen your immune system and with the prospect of establishing physical reserves. Relationships are by no means limited to the private sphere. A short digression. A long-term study conducted by Harvard University over a period of 75 years showed that interpersonal relationships are responsible for a happy and healthy life. Work-Life-Balance, the practical experience in the here and now.